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Networks & Telecoms Innovation at the heart of all the strategic challenges facing your IT and telecom infrastructure

CDX Télécom is your telecommunications and IT services operator. We specialise in defining, designing, installing and maintaining your entire network and IT system. We are committed to optimising all your business telecoms needs.

Secondly, our attentiveness, our advice, our expertise and our constant technology watch are there to serve your interests. We can set up tailor-made internet and fibre-optic solutions, and store and ensure the cyber security of your most sensitive data in our data centre. We can also help you design the architecture of your local corporate network.

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VPN network Did you know?

Using an IP network without a VPN leaves all the data your VSE, SME or local authority sends and receives uncovered. A godsend for cybercriminals. They can then trace your company’s IP address. Then they can access your most confidential information.

As a telecommunications operator specialising in setting up and managing your corporate VPN network, CDX Télécom can offer you innovative solutions. Our aim is to protect your data from cyber attacks. Our services are tailored to your real needs. What’s more, our rates are highly competitive.

Data & Innovations A whole new world to communicate with

The last few years have seen a phenomenal succession of technological innovations in mobile and fixed telephony. They have given concrete expression to the desire to communicate everywhere, all the time, on every medium and by every means.

Voice, SMS, images, videos: data has many faces. It passes from one network to another and through the Cloud. In the age of 5G and enterprise VoIP communications, data can be corrupted more than ever. The offers devised by CDX Télécom enable you to reconcile performance and data protection. And all within the framework of a relevant investment connected to your realities in the field.

WiFi-6 Two distinct technologies for ever-faster very high-speed broadband

The days of interminable latencies in airports and hotels are over. Gone, too, are the days of never-ending uploads and downloads of very large files. Thanks to WiFi 6, data transmission and reception speeds are up by 40%. What’s more, security is based on a new protocol certified by the WiFi Alliance consortium: WPA 3.

Would you like to install WiFi 6 on your premises and/or upgrade your equipment to take advantage of its incomparable speed, even when you’re on the move? CDX Télécom, expert in telecommunications in Paris, can advise you and make proposals to study your project for installing or renovating your corporate wireless network.

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Services & Solutions All our associated services to keep you focused on your core business

Automating all the time-consuming tasks associated with the activities of your company’s departments enables you to boost the productivity of your teams. At the same time, having all your IT equipment and systems managed by an external subcontractor gives you access to recognised expertise. They are at your disposal to implement flexible solutions.

To manage your office automation, to initiate partial or total outsourcing of your corporate IT system. But also to inaugurate a video protection solution and ensure the overall security of your premises: put your trust in CDX Télécom. From the audit to the integration of your various customised solutions, via a dedicated after-sales service, we are your company’s long-term partner.

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A passion for telecommunications brings us together

Located at 11 rue Albert Einstein in Champs-sur-Marne, CDX Télécom’s head office has, in just a few years, become the epicentre of all our future prospects, particularly those we share with our customers.

Our activities involve a number of complementary areas of expertise. That’s why they combine our passion for NICTs with the innovations they imply. They also reflect our desire to be ever closer to your needs and expectations.

In fact, we’re convinced that a transparent and exclusive relationship is the sine qua non for seeing far ahead together. Our approach is therefore designed to be as clear as possible. For example, when it comes to billing for each of our services.

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